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Sigma Motors launches Pakistan’s first hybrid solar, electric, and fuel car

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Pakistani motorcycle dealership giant Sigma Motorsports just launched the HS Q4, its intriguing hybrid car that will be the first in the country’s history to run on solar power, electricity, and fuel.

As reported by Pakwheels.com, the HS Q4 comes in three variants: EV Standard, EVS Solar, and EVS Premium, and is now available for booking in four colors including white, blue, red and orange.

Sigma Motorsports’ new car is both environment-friendly and cost-effective. The HS Q4 will have solar plates along with an electric motor to charge the car.

The car will also feature a 150-200Km range extender 6 litre petrol engine and a smart Battery Management System (BMS). Other main features include a power steering, power windows, rear camera, brake booster, alloy rims, central and power locking, LED headlamps and fog lights.

The EVS Standard (Electric Only) variant is priced at Rs. 1,895,000, while the EVS Solar (Electric + Solar) variant costs Rs. 1,995,000. Moreover, the EVS Premium (Electric + Solar + Fuel) is priced at Rs. 2,125,000.

Sigma HS Q4 can be booked now with 50% upfront payment. The car will be ready to be delivered within 60-75 days with a one-year or 20,000km warranty.

Sigma Motorsports is one of Pakistan’s leading motorcycle dealership companies. They have a collection of Pakistanis’ favorite motorcycles, from street and sports bikes to touring and off-road bikes. For the hybrid car project, this Lahore based auto company, has partnered with United Auto Motorsports, a motorcycle dealership company in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

You can learn more about the company here.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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