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Volkswagen is not worried about an Apple car

Since 2014 Apple has been working on the concept of bringing a consumer-facing electric car which had been termed...

Feb 15 ·>

Government is responsible for at least 50% increase in car prices over the past 2 years

In a briefing to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance, representatives from the Indus Motor Company and Honda...

Sigma Motors launches Pakistan’s first hybrid solar, electric, and fuel car

Pakistani motorcycle dealership giant Sigma Motorsports just launched the HS Q4, its intriguing hybrid car that will be the...

Dec 31 ·>

Sigma’s electric car looks like a United Bravo copycat

Sigma Motorsports, a well-established importer of high-end motorcycles based in Lahore, has released the pricing schedule of its latest...

Dec 28 ·>

Sony plans to enter the auto industry, currently testing a self-driving electric car

At this point in time, it shouldn’t be surprising that an electronics manufacturer with no prior affiliation to automobiles...

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Aug 1 ·>

Tesla Model S achieves 400 miles of range on a single charge

The Tesla Model S has been a game changer in the automotive world ever since it was introduced in...

Jun 19 ·>

You can now order the world’s cheapest electric car through Alibaba

When we think about electric cars, we usually think of whatever Tesla is cooking up nowadays, and that is...

Jun 9 ·>

Audi releases its first electric SUV in Pakistan

It has been in the works for quite a while, but it’s finally here now. The all-electric E-Tron Quattro...

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Mar 10 ·>

Cadillac to unveil its first all-electric car in a month

Electric vehicles are the talk of the hour, and why not? With Tesla having revolutionized the concept of what...

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Mar 3 ·>

Pakistan’s first Formula electric car enters UK competition 2018

A student team of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is all set to participate Pakistan’s first formula-styled...

Jun 20 ·>

Here’s the first look of Lamborghini’s concept of supercar in 2030

Lamborghini, the popular Italy based manufacturer of luxury supercars, sports cars and SUVs is all set to roll out...

Nov 6 ·>
Lamborghini Car 2030

Nissan launches new electric car

In an interesting turn of events Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan has launched the 2018 Leaf, its second generation electric...

Sep 6 ·>