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SnackVideo aiming to compete with TikTok and Bigo in Pakistan

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 47 sec read>

Social Media platforms like Bigo and TikTok are already extremely popular in Pakistan. After the ban of TikTok as well as Bigo, a new platform known as “SnackVideo” started becoming popular in the country. According to the latest statistics, the app ranks in the top ten Google Play Store apps in the “Video Players & Editors” category in Pakistan.

Following its success in the country, coming from the top 350 to the top 10 in a few months, the parent company of SnackVideo – Kuaishou Technology is planning to exclusively hire a team in Pakistan to coordinate influencer marketing campaigns between advertisers and talent agencies registered with the Chinese video-sharing mobile app.

The company is looking to collaborate with talent agencies like Alchemist, Citrus Talent, and the BodyBeat Group to lock in social media content creators (SMCCs) that are brand safe. Moreover, this will allow the company to ensure compliance with the guidelines of PTA and avoid any bans like TikTok faced.

The company is searching for seasoned digital campaign strategists to help SMCCs to increase their coherence, contribution, and loyalty to guarantee advertiser campaign success according to sources. After the success of platforms like TikTok in such a short time, the company hopes that by focusing its resources in the country, it can make it to the top as well.

Image Source: RS News