Sociality 360: Where Are They Now?

Written by Laila Rehman ·  1 min read >

We’re now less than 50 hours away from witnessing Pakistan’s first Lean Start-Up Circle event in Karachi’s DotZero and the event is packed to the brim, due in part with the speaker list which includes Babar Khan, famous for co-launching the first for-profit think tank – Sociality 360, which was sold in mid-2012 to Interflow Communications (Pvt) Ltd and renamed DHQ.

Sociality 360 made waves in 2011 for being the agency that convinced Kraft Foods to initiate a digital presence in Pakistan, something it’s ATL planners at MindShare were unable to do. The success in demonstrating a value proposition prompted a digital partnership with Spectrum Y&R on augmented reality projects. While Babar went on to co-found Trango and become an Entrepreneur in Residence with Ephlux Insights, its curious to wonder where the rest of the team ended up after the company was sold, starting with:

1. Hiba Moeen, the first employee and Account Manager in charge of the Kraft Foods portfolio. She now oversees corporate communication for Beaconhouse School Systems in Karachi.
2. Hunain Aziz, was an intern for augmented reality projects for Chevron and Continental Biscuits. He is now Marketing Coordinator for BrandSynario.
3. Maryam Bashir was also an an intern for augmented reality projects for Chevron and Continental Biscuits. She is now a researcher at the Carter Fleming Group in the UK.
4. Manesh Parmani, started off as an intern for fresh product launch consultation, working on Selsun Blue (Sanofi Aventis) and TCS Connect. He is now an Assistant Brand Manager at Shan Foods in Karachi.
5. Nazia Siddiqui joined as an intern in the strategy & ideation team under Co-Founder Sarosh Waiz. She is now a trainee in the consumer healthcare team at GlaxoSmithKline in Karachi.
6. Asad Ali, the second employee and Account Manager in charge of the Herbion portfolio. He is now an Assistant Brand Manager for Lotte in the UAE.
7. Amna Naseem, the third employee and Creative Manager charged with design and media components in digital brand activation projects. She is now assists in project planning at BrandLogics in Karachi.

And so we have more proof that starting off one’s career in a lean start-up can lead to the mindset for perpetual success in the long run. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at DotZero on Saturday!
Written by Laila Rehman
is a psychology graduate and coordinator with Family Education Services Foundation in Pakistan Profile