Laila Rehman

is a psychology graduate and coordinator with Family Education Services Foundation in Pakistan


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Sociality 360: Where Are They Now?

We’re now less than 50 hours away from witnessing Pakistan’s first Lean Start-Up Circle event in Karachi’s DotZero and the event...

Dec 26 · >

Five Good Reasons To Learn Coding

It’s the must have skill of the 21st century, the skill that could make or break an executive’s ability to...

Dec 17 · >

Bitcoin: Commodity or Currency?

In a recent article on Ephlux Insights, the question was raised on Bitcoin‘s validity. The heated discussion on the publication’s Facebook page...

Dec 11 · >

The Difference between a Good Developer & a Headache

They say “if you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur”. Time and again, small business...

Nov 13 · >

Finding ROI in Design Thinking

This is our fourth feature of the Design Thinking Series. As a standalone product, the iPod was considered a...

Nov 9 · >

Umair Khan, Application Development Leader (Ephlux)

In the third part of this series, I went back to Ephlux to hear about the hands on mindset utilized by...

Nov 5 · >

Alexandre Parizeau, Producer (Ubisoft) – The AppJuice Interview

This is our second Interview for the ‘Design Thinking’ Series. Last week I met with and interviewed Muhammad Uzair,...

Nov 2 · >

Muhammad Uzair, Chief Designer (Ephlux)

This is the first Interview for our ‘Design Thinking’ Series.  The new buzz word is ‘design thinking’ and I...

Oct 30 · >