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Sony announced an electric car concept at CES 2020

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 54 sec read>

Sony has surprised the guests at CES by showing the prototype of its upcoming electric car. The car is designated as Vision-S. As Sony is not going to sell the car anytime soon, the specifications of the vehicle are unclear for now. The car was developed by the Artificial intelligence and Robotics department of Sony.

Although automaker giant comes up with prototype all the time, they could never actually roll off the production line. In the demonstration, the vehicle had 33 sensors that could aid in monitoring both the inside and outside of the car.

Even though the Korean automaker giant is not intending to mass-produce the car, it had passed all the safety and road tests. Although the cars were demonstrated briefly, it showed the attendee that Sony’s expertise in imaging, entertainment, and sensors that are going to be used in the next generation of electric cars. Although Sony offers these technologies to many Japanese autos make companies, it wants to make its products into systems that can be supplied as all-in-one solutions

The car looks a lot like Sedan from inside whereas from outside, it looks like Porsche Taycan. There are screens present on the dashboard. The audio system of the car is also high end with a speaker attached to all four seats. With number 2 autonomous driving capabilities, the car needs some upgrading in this department.

The car is proof that Sony is seriously considering stepping into mobility technology in the future although the vehicle did rarely moved during the entire show.