Students are using WhatsApp groups to cheat during board exams in Karachi

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Students, while taking the board exams being held in a government college in Karachi, were found to be using WhatsApp groups to cheat.

This curious incident came to light when Sindh Colleges Director General Dr. Nasir visited Government Degree Boys College, Quaidabad near Jogi Mor. During his visit to the institution, the director saw many students freely using mobile phones during the examination.

A closer inquiry has revealed that invigilators had allowed the entry of phones in the examination area over the pretext that parents had trouble contacting children if they didn’t have their mobile phones on them. These mobile phones were then used by the students to cheat using a WhatsApp group. It was revealed by some students that their teachers encouraged them to join the groups, the administrators of which would charge Rs 5,000 per student and then provide them with answers there.

Other irregularities

This peculiar incident was not an isolated incident in the ongoing board exams in Karachi. The final paper for Chemistry was also leaked prior to the exam on Tuesday morning. This leak was also instigated and propagated through the social media and was quick to reach the smartphones of all the students concerned with that exam.

Although it is good that our new generation is breaking the cultural and international barriers with the use of social media, barriers pertaining to high moral standings should probably be left alone by the youth.

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