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Submarine Cable Fault Slows Down Internet Speed In Pakistan

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

On Wednesday, some internet users had to face slow internet aftermath of the reports of a fault in SMW5, one of the international submarine cables. Moreover, the users couldn’t use specific social media applications because of some issues.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), PTCL informed the internet service providers (ISPs) across Pakistan. The internet will be slow due to a disruption once again going on in one of the international upstream networks.

Report reveals that till now, standard arrangements to make uninterrupted internet services accessible to the public haven’t proved fruitful. The eastbound traffic resulted because of the uncertain issues yet to be solved.

However, according to the latest update, upstream degradation was the breaking down of various international cables (MENA, AAE-1, AND SMW5) in Egypt’s terrestrial segment.

On the other hand, extensive social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They were also down for a short period but became okay after a while. Though, the users of these applications around the country were facing various problems while using them. Some of them also spoke about the issues they were facing.

Besides, Meta, the company that owns these three social media applications-Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, is yet to issue a statement.

Downdetector is an online platform that informs users about the correct information on current status of websites and services. Therefore, this platform performs its job after collecting reports from different sources. It also analyzes the data users submit on its platform. Hence, according to the downdetector, the three social media platforms were not working after 5 pm.

Submarine Cable Fault

However, a large number of people tweeted on Twitter to address their primary concerns regarding being able to use the three social media platforms. Some users reported that they are now receiving messages on WhatsApp and can send too.

Meanwhile, users reported this issue only two days after Instagram was down globally. Many Instagram users couldn’t log in to their accounts and use them efficiently. Afterward, Instagram Comms, the applications PR agency, claimed on Twitter. According to that there was a bug due to which people from various countries were facing problems. While logging into their accounts or facing a short-term change in the number of followers.

The meta-owned organization reported on Monday that it was investigating the problem due to which thousands cannot use the photo-sharing platform easily. It further went on to say that several Instagram users complained that the management suspended their accounts and demanded a reason.

Although, WhatsApp was also down last week for two hours worldwide. WaBetaInfo, an online platform that provides the latest updates regarding WhatsApp, was saying that the application was down due to server issues.