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AWS releases AI toolkit to help predict COVID-19’s spread

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) machine learning team has released an open-source machine learning toolkit that helps predict the spread...

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Drug used to treat stomach ulcers is effective against COVID-19 as well, say Hong Kong scientists

An affordable drug proven to be successful against the coronavirus is always a ray of hope in this day...

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Oct 12 · >

Local startup DetectNow is using AI to detect COVID-19 through cough audios

There has been no dearth of efforts made by startups, innovators, and healthcare experts around the world to identify...

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Sep 10 · >

Coronavirus vaccine funded by Bill Gates will reportedly be ready in 12 months

The global coronavirus pandemic has necessitated efforts and projects geared towards curbing the deadly disease. From corporate contributions to...

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Apr 28 · >

NUST students develop a platform to analyze the spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan

As the number of cases of Coronavirus increase in Pakistan, student teams from many universities are working on projects...

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Apr 1 · >

Google to donate $800m+ to help in the fight against coronavirus

It seems like Vice President Mike Pence’s words on the importance of industrial contribution during pandemics have had a...

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Mar 28 · >

Dr. Umar Saif proposes the use of cutting edge practices to combat the spread of Coronavirus

Pakistani computer scientist, Dr. Umar Saif, urged higher authorities in Pakistan and worldwide to adopt cutting edge practices as...

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Mar 21 · >

A student from GIKI develops COVID-19 detector using Artificial Intelligence

Muhammad Aleem, a final year student at GIKI, has come up with an AI-based solution for detecting Coronavirus using...

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Mar 19 · >

Precautions to keep you and your close ones safe from COVID-19

The latest statistics of the infamous Coronavirus report 198,422 cases and 7,987 deaths. The good news is 82,762 of...

Mar 18 · >

Coronavirus cases raised to a total of 184 in Pakistan

The number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has been increasing rather alarmingly in the past 24 hours. The mark...

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Mar 17 · >

Here’s how you can use your gaming PC to beat the coronavirus from your home

Being quarantined during these times doesn’t have to mean being unproductive. Indeed, the very existence of online classes via...

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