Foldable Phones

Apple to Release the World’s First Foldable iPad Next Year

Predicted to be released in 2024, the foldable iPad is equipped with a carbon fiber kickstand at its back...

Jan 30 · >

Rollable Screens could be the next Tech Breakthrough for Smartphones

When you want it, your future mobile gadget could be able to roll up or expand to a more...

Oct 27 · >

Vivo Set To Launch A Foldable Phone This Year

With Samsung leading in the foldable phone technology along with Xiaomi and Google entering the race, Vivo has decided...

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Jul 6 · >

Samsung Aiming To Sell 7 Million Foldable Phones This Year

With Samsung being at the forefront of the smartphone ecosystem, the company is shifting its direction towards foldable smartphones...

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May 24 · >

Samsung and LG will be providing displays for upcoming foldable iPhones

Since 2017, there have been numerous rumors regarding a foldable iPhone. However, according to Omidia, global communications, and digital...

Feb 23 · >

Samsung to release four foldable phones in 2021

After the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold 2, and the Z Flip, Samsung now plans on releasing four new...

Dec 15 · >

All the foldable phones announced uptil now

Foldable phones were the highlights of MWC 2019. Samsung and Huawei finally showed their long-rumored foldable phones. Even though...

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Feb 27 · >

Samsung to be back in the flip phone game with this Android smartphone

Samsung has already been rumored to introduce foldable phones in 2018 and now a new leak suggests that it...

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Nov 10 · >