Imran Khan arrest

Pakistani Twitter Hashtags Starts Trending in Netherlands as VPN Use Skyrockets

Hashtags including #Imran Khan and #BehindYouSkipper are trending with an impressive tweet count of 90,882 and 132,774 respectively Social...

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Here is What PTA Has to Say About Restoration of Mobile Internet in Pakistan

According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), it has not received any instructions regarding the resumption of mobile internet services...

May 13 · >

Leading Tech Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Urge Government to Restore Internet Services

A statement signed by tech entrepreneurs, CEO’s, high-profile individuals and major organizations states that the shutdowns and blocking of internet...

May 11 · >

All Good Guys go to Jail: Andrew Tate Speaks Up in Support of Imran Khan

A four time world kickboxing champion and a viral social media influencer, Andrew Tate recently spoke up on the...

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