All Good Guys go to Jail: Andrew Tate Speaks Up in Support of Imran Khan

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Andrew Tate Imran Khan
A four time world kickboxing champion and a viral social media influencer, Andrew Tate recently spoke up on the arrest of former PM Imran Khan, replying “all good guys go to jail”, in a tweet that shared the news

Amongst all the other social media influencers and media celebrities that have spoken in favor of Imran Khan after his arrest from the Lahore High Court yesterday, was a completely unexpected name ‘Andrew Tate’.

“All good guys go to jail” said Andrew Tate replying to a tweet that contained details and videos of former PM Imran Khan’s arrest.

A British-American national, currently residing in Romania, Tate is a kickboxing champion and a controversial figure for voicing some sensitive opinions on the internet. He is particularly famous amongst young men and has garnished millions of followers in a small time span, even having a significant following in Pakistan.

Screenshots of Tate’s reply in support of Khan started going viral, appearing in different memes and getting shared by thousands of people.

A lot of Pakistani Twitter users were found supporting Khan and describing the current political situation of Pakistan under Tate’s reply.

“The matrix wants everyone with influence jailed,” said one user while replying to Tate’s tweet.

“He is a Top G like you,” wrote another Twitter user.

While some applauded Tate for his support others weren’t quite happy, particularly because of Tate’s reputation of misogynistic views.

“Girl, this man literally went to jail for human trafficking. What the hell is he talking about,” said one Twitter user, opposing Tate’s support for Khan.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested on charges of human trafficking, rape, and the formation of an organized criminal group during late 2022. After being in prison for about 3 months, the brothers were released and are under house arrest as the investigation is being continued.


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