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Here is What PTA Has to Say About Restoration of Mobile Internet in Pakistan

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
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According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), it has not received any instructions regarding the resumption of mobile internet services and that they will remain suspended until further notice

Mobile internet services and social media platforms in Pakistan are suspended for more than 3 days now. Daily wage workers, freelancers, IT industry and the business community are all disturbed and demanding the government to resume these services.

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), a government run authority responsible for operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and services in Pakistan, says that they have still not received any instructions regarding the resumption of mobile internet services therefore it will remain suspended until any further notice is issued.

This suspension of mobile internet and social media platforms started 3 days ago when the former prime minister of Pakistan ‘Imran Khan’ was arrested outside of the Lahore High Court, after which followed a series of nationwide protests.

Protests across the country took a violent turn with protestants burning down multiple buildings, government property and raiding military areas.

Following the protests, the current government was forced to limit these services to prevent the spread of any ‘propaganda’ against the state.

PTA in its statement said that while mobile internet services will remain closed until further notice, users still have the ability to browse the internet through their broadband connections.

The telecom authority announced that orders to shutdown internet services came from the interior ministry.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, when asked about the restoration of mobile internet services on Thursday, said that it will be back within 36 hours, however it seems now that the shutdown has been extended.


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