You Can Now Get a 4 Month Spotify Premium for Free: Here’s How

Spotify is currently offering a free 4-month premium subscription that can be easily availed by both Android and iOS...

Mar 9 · >

Google Is Developing A ‘Switch To Android’ App For iPhone Users

Remember when it was so hard to shift from iPhone to Android especially when moving your entire personal data....

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Jul 29 · >

Android Apps Share More Data To Third Parties Than iOS

According to a recent study by Me2B Alliance, Android applications share more data to third parties in comparison to...

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May 7 · >

Microsoft is officially shutting down the Cortana app on Android and iOS

Remember that Cortana app you barely used on your devices but just existed? Well, the mobile version of Cortana...

Apr 1 · >

Apple is fixing a certain ‘Asian situation’

Apple has a built-in web content filter for iOS and macOS which was apparently the word ‘Asian’ for over...

Mar 31 · >

Instagram, Facebook identified as the most invasive iOS apps: report

Around 52% of iOS apps gather personal data such as browsing history, location, bank details, contact information, fitness level,...

Mar 24 · >

WhatsApp will stop working on previous iPhone models

In recent news, WhatsApp is currently working on a new update that will bring changes in its services and...

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Mar 17 · >

Apple releases iOS 13.5, complete with COVID-19-specific features

Apple has released the latest update to their iPhone operating software, iOS 13.5. The update comes in the spirit...

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May 22 · >

Millions of older phones can no longer use WhatsApp

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp has stopped working on millions of smartphones running older mobile operating systems. The company,...

Feb 4 · >

Users report problems and glitches in the new MacBook Pro 16

The all-new MacBook Pro 16-inch, launched this November, has already started to cause problems and glitches to the early...

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Dec 9 · >

GitHub introduces its very own mobile application

GitHub announced a number of new products at their annual Universe conference, on the 13th of November. The highlight...

Nov 14 · >

Apple mistakenly unpatches iOS 12.4 vulnerability that let hackers jailbreak your iPhone again

The Cupertino giant Apple released iOS 12.4 last month, which contains a bug that was discovered by Google security...

Aug 21 · >