Malware Alert: A virus in Google Play Store is extracting user data from mobile devices

A deadly malware has been discovered on the Google Play Store, which is capable of collecting user’s contacts and...

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Apr 15 · >

This AI-based app helps the visually impaired people see the world

Seeing AI is an app that helps blind people analyze the world around them. The app uses AI to...

Mar 15 · >

The kid who discovered the Facetime bug might be rewarded with up to $200,000!

Apple has decided to reward the boy who discovered the Facetime bug and reported it to them. Grant Thompson,...

Feb 9 · >

iOS reaches 60% Apple devices within the first 42 days while Android stands at a meager 0.1%

The recent Apple keynote was a huge success for the company where it launched long overdue hardware upgrades including...

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Nov 1 · >

Shop Heroes turns 3 with millions of players, crossing PKR 1.5 Billion in revenue

Shop Heroes, the critically acclaimed game from Cloudcade, is celebrating its three year anniversary. Since its inception in 2015,...

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Oct 15 · >

iOS 12 beta users are stuck with a weird pop-up bug

iOS 12 beta users are stuck with a weird pop up bug prompting them to install the latest version...

Aug 31 · >

Almost 50% iPhone users plan to buy the new iPhone, Survey

A recent survey conducted by Loup Ventures has revealed some interesting details about how the new iPhones will fare...

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Aug 31 · >

Inactive Android Devices send 10 times more data to Google than iOS to Apple, research

Tim Cook has been very vocal about the data privacy of Apple ecosystem users and has multiple times mentioned...

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Aug 25 · >

Users are switching to iOS for better user experience, survey

A survey conducted by PCMag tries to look deeper into why people make the move from the current mobile...

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Aug 25 · >

Warning: Thousands of Android & iOS apps are leaking your personal data

According to a mobile app security firm appthority, over 3,000 mobile apps both from Android as well as iOS...

Jun 30 · >

Here’s how you can install iOS 12 on your iPhone

Apple announced iOS 12 earlier this month. iOS is Apple’s dedicated software for its mobile devices, i.e. the iPhones....

Jun 26 · >

Fortnite makes over $100 million in revenue within 90 days on iOS

Fortnite remains in-trend even a year after its release. It is basically a free-to-play on all platforms such as...

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Jun 20 · >

Google Translate app now supports ‘offline’ AI-powered translations for 59 languages

Google Translate app is known for translating over 100 languages into each other working as both online and offline....

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Jun 13 · >