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Meta Acquires Lens Maker Luxexcel in Another Step towards its AR Glasses Goal

The Luxexcel acquisition might help Meta introduce lenses with built-in displays While times have been tough for Meta, the...

Jan 2 ·>
Meta acquires Luxexcel

Meta Shares Have Depreciated More Than Bitcoin in 2022

After tumbling down 24% on Thursday, Meta share prices reached its lowest point in the last 4 years Facebook...

Meta share prices fall

You Can Now Share Your Instagram Posts Through a QR Code

Apart from QR codes for posts, Instagram is now also allowing users to have QR codes for Reels, tags,...

Instagram QR code posts

Instagram is Testing ‘Add Song to Profile’ Feature; Giving Users the ‘MySpace’ Nostalgia

According to details, the feature would appear at the very bottom of the Instagram profile bio We all have...

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Oct 20 ·>
Instagram is Testing ‘Add Song to Profile’ Feature

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Privacy Features: Blocks Screenshotting of ‘See Once’ Photos and Videos

Apart from this, WhatsApp has introduced other privacy features such as hiding your online status in chats and a...

WhatsApp privacy features October

Facebook witnesses largest single-day stock crash in US history

On Thursday, shares of Facebook’s parent company, Meta, dropped by more than 26 percent in extended trading after the...

Feb 7 ·>

Arizona-based startup demands $20mn from Zuckerberg for using the “Meta” name

There’s a company out there that is hot on Facebook’s heels and, in all probability, keeping Mark Zuckerberg up...

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Nov 5 ·>

Facebook changes its company name to ‘Meta’, a major rebrand

At Connect 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, which brings together our apps and technologies under one new company...

Oct 29 ·>

Facebook is aiming to rebrand the company with a new name

With Facebook’s focus on the metaverse, the company is looking to change the company name by next week. The...

Oct 20 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg loses nearly $6 billion due to major Facebook outage

In recent news, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp faced a massive outage where all respective services of the platforms were...

Oct 5 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg Announces New Commerce Features To Support Businesses

In recent news, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced exciting new features for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp which...

Jun 24 ·>

Facebook Invested $23 Million For CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Security Last Year

According to a filing by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook has spent nearly $23 million last year to...

Apr 12 ·>