Pakistan considers using UAE’s cloud-seeding tech to deal with smog

It is no secret that Lahore is in the midst of a terrible smog that has given it the...

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Nov 22 · >

KP govt installs first IoT-based air quality monitoring gadget in Peshawar

In its move to fight air pollution in Peshawar, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has installed Pakistan’s first...

Apr 8 · >

Stephen Hawking predicts that Earth might become a ‘ball of fire’ in 600 years

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking predicts that the world’s mounting population will consume enough energy to make the world a...

Nov 8 · >

Humans indeed are responsible for making the earth hotter, US government report confirms

An exhaustive report coming from the US state officials has reinstated that the humans indeed are responsible for the...

Nov 4 · >