Reddit acquires video-sharing app Dubsmash

Reddit has announced that they have acquired the short-video-sharing platform, Dubsmash. The deal was made on December 13th, according...

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Dec 14 ·>

This app guesses your personality type based on your Reddit history

It’s always fun taking personality tests, be it an elaborate Myers-Briggs test or a quirky Buzzfeed quiz that tells...

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Oct 15 ·>

Bug Alert! Samsung Galaxy S10 is having battery issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 users have started complaining about a bug in the phone’s software that is causing their batteries...

Mar 20 ·>

Reddit’s data is breached & it is asking users to change passwords

Reddit revealed to its users today that a hacker broke into some of its systems and collected user’s data,...

Aug 2 ·>

MIT scientists intentionally made a psychopathic AI from Reddit images

When it comes to artificial intelligence and even basic robots, people tend to worry about ‘technology taking over humans’,...

Jun 7 ·>

Reddit has introduced the dark mode feature

Reddit has finally announced the native night mode feature for the desktop. On May 24th, Reddit published an official...

May 25 ·>

YC announces Growth Stage Program for later stage startups

Y Combinator aka YC, an American seed accelerator has announced its first formal “Growth Stage Program” for later stage...

Dec 15 ·>

Behold, EA just posted the most hated comment in Reddit history

Reddit is one of the greatest communities on the internet and people can ask questions directly from anyone and...

Nov 14 ·>

Reddit is finally getting a new UI after 10 years

Reddit is more than 10 years old and proved to be a great place for original content and is...

Nov 13 ·>