Sindh Government launches YouTube channel to help students study online

The Government of Sindh has recently created a YouTube channel by the name of “Online Classes College Education Department...

YouTube launches a verified Coronavirus coverage hub

The COVID-19 global pandemic brought with it a huge change in everyone’s lives. People have had to work from...

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Mar 20 ·>

YouTube takes back their Coronavirus demonetization policy

A  while ago, YouTube enforced a non-monetization policy on any and all coronavirus-related content released on the website. They...

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Mar 16 ·>

YouTube reinforces guidelines ahead of the US presidential elections

The world renowned video streaming website has reinforced its guidelines on fake and misleading information sharing in an attempt...

Feb 8 ·>

Instagram made over $20 billion in ad revenue over the last year, $5 billion more than YouTube

It seems Facebook pulled a master stroke when it acquired Instagram back in 2012. The popular social media platform...

PM Imran Khan was invited by CEOs of some renowned companies

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan met with CEOs of renowned technological and digital Firms. The meetings were held...

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Jan 23 ·>

YouTube decides to revise their comment filters

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to filter comments or search for certain comments under your...

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Sep 27 ·>

YouTube to limit copyright claims on small music clips

YouTube will now stop copyright holders from earning money through manual claims made on small music clips. The US-based...

Aug 16 ·>

YouTube’s ban on “instructional hacking” videos threatens content on ethical hacking too

The new rule of Google-owned YouTube is terrible news for researchers studying computer security and people interested to learn...

Jul 4 ·>

YouTube’s new feature will finally let you hide channels you hate

Online video streaming has been one of the most revolutionary additions to the Internet, and the one platform that...

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Jun 27 ·>

World’s fastest bowler ever gets fastest 1 million subscribers on YouTube

The world’s fastest bowler, Shoaib Akhtar, known for delivering the fastest bowl in the history of Cricket at 161.3...

Jun 26 ·>

Google is shutting down the YouTube Gaming app this week

Google is finally shutting down the YouTube Gaming app on 30th May after it caused confusion amongst customers regarding...

May 28 ·>

YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode to be released for non-premium users outside the US

The best thing about streaming YouTube videos on your desktop instead of on your mobile device is the ability...

Apr 9 ·>