Instagram Might Introduce Longer Reels to Compete With TikTok

Famous leaker ‘Alessandro Paluzzi’ shared screenshots showing how Instagram might soon allow creators to make reels up to 10...

Aug 30 · >

YouTube Will Soon Let You Hum Tunes to Find Songs

Currently under testing, the feature will be a competition for Shazam, an Apple owned application that can identify music,...

Aug 24 · >

YouTube is Making it Harder For You to Skip Ads

YouTube is reportedly testing a “redesigned” ad skip button, which is smaller in size, making it difficult for users...

Aug 23 · >

YouTube Starts Testing AI Based Video Summarizer

Currently available for a select number of English-language videos, the AI video summaries will provide users with a quick...

Aug 3 · >

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music: Now Available in Pakistan

Priced at PKR 479, the YouTube premium subscription offers ad-free videos, YouTube music access and even allows you to...

Aug 2 · >

Mr Beast Reveals Himself As Future CEO Of Threads On Threads

On July 5, 2023, Mr Beast a popular YouTube personality revealed himself as the CEO of Thread in the...

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Jul 7 · >

Google Pixel Fold Review: Unlock The Gap

The pixel fold is a powerful, user-friendly device that gives the pleasure of using it with complete confidence. The...

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Jun 27 · >

YouTube Star Mr Beast Says He Declined An Invitation To ‘Ride The Titanic Sub’:Kind Of Scary That I Could Have Been On It

YouTube Artists Me Beast tweeted that he didn’t accept the chance to ride the Titanic Sub.’ Titan by OceanGate...

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Jun 26 · >

YouTube to Get AI-Powered Dubbing Soon

Amjad Hanif, VP of Product Management at YouTube,says that the platform has already tested the AI powered dubbing on...

Jun 23 · >

Robots Learn New Skills By Watching YouTube

Since the emergence of AI and chatGPT has taken the world by storm. Robots are in terms these days,...

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Jun 23 · >

YouTube is Launching its First Official Shopping Channel in South Korea

Operating in Korean language, the channel is going to be a 90-day experiment providing a live-commerce platform to over...

Jun 21 · >

How To Listen To YouTube With The Screen Off

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming channels in the world. The platform offers the most extensive streaming...

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Jun 20 · >