After Snapchat, Instagram now targets YouTube with its new video hub

Instagram has been working on hour-long videos. It has now revealed that it will be launching a hub for...

Jun 7 ·>

Hour-long videos are coming to Instagram soon

Instagram has been constantly improving its app through new features and updates. From muting an account to resharing posts...

Jun 6 ·>

Teenagers are giving up on Facebook for this social platform, study

According to a recent study published by Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of US teenagers between 13 to...

Jun 1 ·>

YouTube gets banned in one more Islamic country

Egypt’s top court has ordered to temporarily ban YouTube in the country. The video-sharing site has been blocked due...

May 28 ·>

Google rolls out chat features for YouTube web

Google brings the previously available mobile-only messaging feature to the YouTube web. YouTube officially launched its built-in messaging feature...

May 25 ·>

YouTube Music is launched and here’s how you can sign up for it

Google has announced its new music-streaming service YouTube Music. The service has all the Google’s AI-powered search and insights,...

May 23 ·>

YouTube to launch Incognito mode which can hide your browsing history

YouTube app is reportedly testing an Incognito Mode that will not keep track of your watched videos and history,...

May 16 ·>

YouTube just started supporting HDR video on Apple’s latest iPhones

YouTube has added high-dynamic range (HDR) video for Android devices for quite a while now. The Android devices such...

May 11 ·>

WhatsApp just added 2 new updates regarding YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, is adding an amazing feature that will let you play...

May 9 ·>

Google Chrome starts blocking annoying autoplay videos

Google’s Chrome browser now blocks auto-playing video completely even if it’s mute. Chrome is taking a big step forward...

May 4 ·>

Instagram announces video calling, new AR effects and other features in its upcoming update

Yesterday at the first day of Facebook’s annual developer conference F8, where Facebook-owned Instagram announced a lot of new...

May 2 ·>

YouTube helped a pregnant woman deliver her baby alone

A 22-year-old woman, Tia Freeman reportedly used YouTube videos to deliver her baby all by herself in a hotel...

Apr 28 ·>

This is why YouTube removed more than 8 million videos

Youtube is often criticized for not doing enough to remove objectionable and harmful content from its site. But, recently...

Apr 25 ·>
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