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Taking selfies all the time could be a sign of mental illness, psychologists

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Two American researchers claim that taking excessive selfies might be a mental health disorder.

Researchers published a report on November 29, in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. In this report, the two psychologists Mark D. Griffiths and Janarthanan Balakrishnan stated that this illness can be diagnosed as taking excessive selfies.

This disease has been named as “Selfitis”. The researchers have acknowledged it as a real disorder after 2014. These two researchers state that the Selfitis is a real condition of mental disorder.

Psychologists developed a “Selfitis Behavior Scale” by analyzing the focus groups with three levels i.e borderline, acute and chronic.

In the borderline state, researchers claimed that the person who takes three selfies in a day and doesn’t post them on any social site while someone with the acute case would actually post those selfies on social media.

In the chronic state of Selfitis, psychologists declared that it’s an uncontrollable urge to take selfies and posting them on social media. These states identify the actual mental disorder.

This scale was tested with 400 participants in India. These participants were asked different questions and for the results, their answers were deeply analyzed.

Selfitis may be very common for most of us but researchers claim it to be a mental disorder disease. People suffering from Selfitis are often so obsessed with taking selfies.

The research has shown the connection between taking selfies and the mental illness. These selfies may trigger the underlying mental issues like depression, anger etc, but it doesn’t mean that you have this disease. Keep enjoying taking pictures as they depict documentation of your colorful life.

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