Tech YouTuber, Ameer Dagha, launches exclusive Video Production Course with Airschool

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Airschool has announced a 5 weeks long course on Video Production for students and professionals who want to learn video production, the foundation of content creators, through a complete guide based on instructions and practice!

The course is conducted by Ameer Dagha. He is the founder and CEO, RPK Digital (formerly ReviewsPK) and a Pakistani YouTube Content Creator with currently more than 233K subscribers. The fee of the complete course is PKR 10,000 only.

The course will be conducted in Urdu and Hindi language only.

About the course

Professional high quality video production is considered a very important skill nowadays especially for those who want to start a career as a professional YouTuber. These skills can help set your video content apart and allow it to rise above the noise. Video production quality is also important now more than ever because of the different range of devices people are now using to view YouTube.

This course is an interactive online program with set assignments and goals by the founder of RPK Digital, Ameer Dagha, to help you polish your video production skills and kick start your YouTube journey.

The course covers everything, starting from the Importance of Gears and Tools, Mic Basics and Audio Settings, Basics of B-Roll, Audience Engagement, Camera Basics and Angles, Lighting & Framing, Color Correction Basics, and much more.