Teen hacks into Apple network and ends up storing files in an obvious folder

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Apple Store

An Australian teen reportedly hacked into Apple’s network and went on to access customer accounts and stealing secure files and accessing customer accounts and then went on to store the data in the folder and named it, “Hacky hack hack”.

The schoolboy is immensely talented and was found to be bypassing online system since he was sixteen years old and had developed computerized tunnels for keeping his identity untrackable.

Apple contacted FBI after noticing the breach and FBI raided his family home and discovered hacking files and instructions saved in that folder as reported by The Age. The Children’s court said that the teen had not only accessed customer accounts but also downloaded 90 GB data. The investigation reported that he used a software to hack into Apple’s network. The teen accessed authorised keys to log in undetected and later on communicated about his hacking into Apple to some friends using WhatsApp.

The teen was actually a fan of the tech giant and had been accessing Apple’s mainframe on a number of occassions and while talking to police, he told that he always dreamt to work for the tech giant.

Being a teen, he ended up telling about his achievements to others on WhatsApp and also in order to look cool maybe he stored the stolen data in a folder and named it “hacky hack hack”. The hacker will be facing sentencing next month.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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