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I love to cover news about latest happenings in startup ecosystem and world of technology. I am obsessed with the use of Tech gadgets and always prefer to use them unless I have to make a choice between paperback and Kindle.


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Gmail’s new self-destructing emails are now available on mobile devices

Google announced new feature, “Confidential mode” back in April this year for the users for enhanced security of their...

Aug 17 · >

Google initiative Womenwill conducts a workshop for female entrepreneurs in Lahore

Google Business Group (GBG) hosted its first Womenwill workshop on “Making Digital Marketing More Effective” on Wednesday at Innovation...

Aug 17 · >

A group of Engineers discovered a way to detect Bombs and Guns through ordinary Wi-Fi

Tracking down severely dangerous materials requires trained dogs and specific tools along with trained men. So, a lot of...

Aug 16 · >

Google One brings cheap cloud storage to all

Google announced Google One, a shareable plan that provides extended storage and access to Google experts. Google One is...

Aug 16 · >

HEC establishes high-speed internet at public universities as a part of its smart university project

Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Wednesday established the most advanced and high-speed Wi-Fi technology at Shah Abdul Latif University...

Aug 16 · >

A major security flaw found in Intel Chips

One of the leading chipset companies in the world, Intel has been in the news over a new security...

Aug 15 · >

Ripple’s XRP and Ether drop double digits in a major cryptocurrency sell-off

The world’s leading digital currency by market value fell below $6,000 for the first time since June. As Bitcoin...

Aug 15 · >

Here are 5 recent changes in WhatsApp and how they are important

The Facebook-owned messaging app is making serious attempts to keep the users hooked to the app. Some of the...

Aug 15 · >

Pakistan’s first harassment reporting app for women to launch tomorrow

Digital Rights Foundation will be releasing it’s one-of-a-kind app, “Hamara Internet”, on the occasion of our nation’s Independence Day,...

Aug 13 · >

Pakistan’s first fee-free university is opening tomorrow in Kasur

Pakistan’s first fee-free, residential university, Akhuwat University will begin its operations on 14th of August this month in Kasur....

Aug 13 · >

11-year-old hacks the website responsible for providing US Election Information

Either hacking the website was super easy or the girl was super talented. It’s high time Election Information website...

Aug 13 · >

820 km Optical Fibre project in Gilgit Baltistan aims to boost the ICT sector in the region

The fiber optic network project in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being completed at a quick...

Aug 13 · >