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Telenor Youth Forum 2015 – A detailed guide on how to apply for it

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Telenor Youth Forum 2015 formerly known as Telenor Youth Summit is now accepting applications for their forum 2015 which will commence at Oslo, Norway at the annual Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

The main idea behind this youth-centric forum is to gather champions under a banner who are passionate, opinion leaders and want to influence the future of Digital throughout the world. The new branding comes at a crucial time when the Telenor Group wants to encourage open dialogue, knowledge sharing and learning among the participants of this year’s Forum.

Telenor Youth Forum winner of 2014, Syed Maaz Imran told TechJuice.

“The Telenor Youth Summit was a very eventful experience with not only meeting and interacting with like minded people around the world but also witnessing history in the making with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. The best part was to witness firsthand how digital technology products have been developed in the past, and taking away that entire experience to employ in the platform I am working on. I went into the Summit with just one idea of mine, but I left Oslo with 26 more from the other participants around the world.”

Telenor Youth Forum 2015 – Focus

Along with the new branding, Telenor’s focus for this year’s forum is – Knowledge for all. How can solutions be devised who have an impact on masses? How can education, knowledge be spread with equality and no hurdles? Telenor Group will be looking for candidates who have not only exceeded in their academic lives but have diverse background and experiences so that other participants can benefit from them as well.

Telenor will be looking for exceptional individuals with extraordinary stories, insights and ideas for education. The key focus will be on the following questions.

  • How does access to knowledge impact people, business and communities?
  • Who benefits, who stands to lose, and how will societies transform when knowledge is easily and inexpensively available for all?
  • What is the role of technology in bringing knowledge for all, and are there really limits to what technology can achieve?

How many people will participate?

26 shortlisted candidates from Telenor’s 13 local destinations in different countries will gather for the forum and Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

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Application requirements

Before you fire your keyboard and start filling up the forms. Here are the application requirements that needs to be fulfilled in any case. You should be;

  • Between 18 and 28 years of age in 2015;
  • Fluent in English;
  • From one of these 13 countries: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand;
  • Passionate about driving social, economic and/or environmental change in your community
  • Have strong opinions with the selected forum topic and would like to share on a global stage


Application submission guidelines

Telenor Youth Forum
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How candidates will be selected?

After the submission deadline, all the selected candidates will be informed through email from Telenor Group. The candidates will then be scrutinized by local judges and Telenor officials.

If you are lucky to clear this highly competitive step, you will be selected for the trip to Oslo, Norway where you will be able to pitch your idea for finale in front of investors, judges and Telenor Officials.

Selection Timeline

Telenor Youth Forum 2015

Some tips before your fill up the form

  1. I can’t stress this fact enough that be clear and concise about the point you are trying to make.
  2. Your essay should have depth, substance and value. Explain in detail your idea. Read this.
  3. It’s not a PhD thesis, the more personalized and relatable your essay is, the more you are going to get the attention.
  4. Your writing should depict that you are passionate about the cause, the problem, and the solution.
  5. Be honest in your writing, don’t over exaggerate stuff as it will reflect badly on you.
  6. Don’t write the essay in one go, take your time. Write an outline, then get back and include more material, then get back and improve it. When you feel it’s ready, show it to your peers for feedback and then after final revisions submit it.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop in the comments below.

Here is the link to the application form.

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