Tesla Cyber truck Reaches 1.5 Million Pre-Orders

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Tesla Cyber truck is an invention of Tesla Inc. The Cyber truck is getting closer to production, as it serves as automakers first new model.

The question arises here, will the electric pickup truck live up to Elon Musk’s hype and the 1.5 million pre-orders?

According to Musk, it might not be the best vehicle but yet the best product of Tesla.  Musk announced that within a week after unveiling the news ,Tesla received over 25,000 reservations for the Cyber truck.

Normally, Tesla receives multiple reservations early after an unveiling,later it tapers off but that was not the case with Cyber truck.

Though, throughout the pandemic, Tesla stores were getting hundreds of Cyber truck reservations per week.Whereas, Cyber truck pre order even helped boost sales.

Tesla is constantly showing progress in bringing the electric truck pickup truck to production. According to the company, it is on track for starting production in mid of 2023. In 2022, as soon as the news revealed about the vehicle,reservations reached over 1.5 million.

Tesla Cybertruck

Electrek’s Trek

As we know Tesla has big name in the market and up till has produced multiple advanced high-tech vehicles.

It’s latest model Y is one of the best selling car in the whole world. In case Tesla would deliver the Cyber truck at the price point and exactly same as the specifications announced in 2019, then surely it will beta the model Y.

Tesla made the truck with the latest specifications. If we talk about its prices, it is expected to nearly 10-20% higher due to inflation over the last three years.

According to the estimation, the prices would be around $50,000-$90,000. Though, with the prices people will still buy the product as Tesla always produces high-tech vehicles.

Tesla selected the top-notch team to produce the Cyber truck. David Zhang, Tesla’s model S and model Y managers were the program leads. Zhang was also a part of model Y program and is also a designer of the Cyber truck. When we talk about the actual vehicles, Tesla never disappointed it’s customer, therefore, the Cyber truck is expected to be the same.

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