Tesla To Assist China Into A Dramatic Crash That Killed Two – Video

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Tesla will support Chinese investigators in investigating a dramatic Tesla Model Y crash in Guangdong, China. The crash left two people dead and three people injured. However, numerous rumors have been circulating on social media about the crash’s possible causes.

The video released on November 5 on social media shows a Tesla Model Y trying to park, speeding off on a two-lane road. The Tesla was at very high speed, sideswiping cars and motorcycles and finally crashing into a storefront at about 30 seconds and 2.6 kilometers.

According to the 55year older man, the driver had a problem with the brake pedal when he was about to pull over in front of the store.

On the other hand, Tesla stated that the accelerator pedal was pressed for a significant portion of the event. The CCTV video shows that the brake lights were not illuminated in rear shots of the car, though they appear to turn on shortly at about 23 seconds after the start of the incident.

Previously, Tesla has faced other accusations of malfunctioning brake pedals. Previously, we have noticed these kinds of complaints from the USA, claiming that there is no unintended acceleration in Tesla vehicles.

The NHTSA looked into these complaints and discovered that all drivers fault and there is no flaw in Tesla vehicles. The NHTSA warns drivers to get aware of this issue, highlighting that there are 16,000 cases reported each year due to pedal error.

Tesla Autopilot Crash

However, many rumors are circulating on social media, suggesting various causes without evidence. Therefore, most of it does not stand up to scrutiny. According to the people, the car was attempting to auto-park and suddenly lost control. But, the swerving and abrupt acceleration displayed in the video are not characteristics of Autopilot. Other people say that the car’s engine was too powerful for the brakes to handle.

Electrek’s Take

Well, there is entirely possible that there is some unexamined cause in all incidents. Someone pressed the wrong pedal and then kept pushing it when they panicked. There can be a design flaw too. Perhaps, more frequently than I would anticipate in the car. However, we have overseen new drivers pressing both pedals simultaneously. However, anyone who has some knowledge about the system can easily understand that this isn’t Autopilot’s behavior.

Tesla is a high-profile brand. Therefore people always try to spread false rumors. Whenever anything happens with Tesla, people talk about it. However, we can witness many car accidents daily. But only some of them come on social media. Everyone has to say something negative about Tesla. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has faced criticism lately due to the dumpster fire associated with his acquisition of Twitter.

His unpredictable actions have led to public resentment that the world’s richest person would choose to spend his time and energy contaminating information systems instead of fixing his companies. Therefore, many people seem unwilling to hear ‘his side of the story and are always ready to distrust anything that he or Tesla says.

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