The Best Discounts You Can Get With Your Student Email Address

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Student offer

From submitting assignments at the last minute to pulling an all-nighter before the final exam and even appearing for quizzes without preparation, student life is full of stress and can oftentimes take a toll on mental and financial health. While not most, there are some companies that realize how hard managing costs is for students, which is why these companies offer some of the best discounts for students.

Despite being common, many students don’t realize the benefits they can get from their student email address, many products, and services that we commonly use offer great discounts for students and can also allow you to cut costs by almost half thus helping you budget better. Here we have listed down some of the best student discounts that you can get.

1. Amazon Prime

prime-video.pngPriced at around $14 per month, Amazon Prime surely is expensive for students, but don’t worry because the streaming service offers a great student discount. Using an Amazon Prime student account will bring your costs down to $7.49 per month. Apart from its low costs, signing up from your student email address will also give you free shipping for two days, free unlimited photo storage, free streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies and more countless benefits.

Getting the discount is also pretty easy and there is no hard process to follow for getting the discount, all you need to do is sign up using a .edu email address.

2. Audible


When in school, you should try and dedicate a big chunk of your time towards reading, be it books on fiction, self-help, or any other topics, reading almost anything will enhance your imagination and align your thoughts. However, we understand that not everybody likes reading, this is where audible comes into play. The product allows you to listen to book audio and some of the world’s best podcasts but comes at the cost of $14.95 per month.

Using a student email at audible you can avail the service at a 30% discount and pay only $11.45 per month, we know it’s not a significant saving, but there is nothing better than saving a few extra dollars where you can save them.

3. Skill Share


Studying in college, it’s important to not bound yourself to books and learn fresh skills alongside your academics since these skills can help you excel later in your career. A great way to equip yourself with the best skills is to learn them through SkillShare.

While Skill Share can come off as an added expense for college students, they can get it for a 50% discount when using a valid student email address.

4. Adobe Creative Cloud