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The First Ever Flying Car Takes Off It’s First Flight In Dubai

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Technology is advancing day by day, and we are witnessing innovations every day all around the world. Here we have another innovation in the world of technology. Xpeng Inc, the Chinese electronic vehicle manufacturer, has created the first-ever flying car. The flying car took its first public flight in the United Arab Emirates.

In total, a two-seater electric VTOL aircraft consists of eight propellers that help to lift the X2. Two of them are located at each corner of the craft. The 90- minute test flight is “an important base for the next generation of flying cars.”

As we all know, flying cars will not be affordable for everyone and very costly. Experts predict that millionaires or people with high net worth will be able to buy cars.
However, there are more than 400 flying cars, or eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) companies, worldwide, working to improve the reliability and safety of their cars.

First Electric Flying CarDuring a press conference on the sidelines of Gitex, Dr. Brian Gu, vice-chairman, and president of XPeng stated that three parallel developments must come together to make flying cars realistic.

Flying cars will be costly due to its high technology and features. Prices may be the same as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. He added that we want to release consumer goods that can fly and drive in 2025. Because people will gradually gain confidence, it will surely take time for it to hold.

AeroHT, Xpeng’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company, has demonstrated significant progress for eVTOL. Indeed, it was a fantastic experience watching the fifth-generation X2 flying car publicly taken off, flying, and successfully landing during a demonstration in Dubai.

AeroHT, known as Xpeng Huitian, is owned by He Xiaopeng, Inc. it aims to connect automotive and aerospace technologies to create secure domestic electric flying vehicles at scale. AeroHT has completed more than 15,000 safely manned flights since its establishment in 2013.

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