The Netherlands to introduce new technology program in Pakistan

By Maryam Dodhy on
September 11, 2017
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In a strategic partnership, Pakistan is teaming up with The Netherlands for a technology program in which 10 Dutch officials will be dispatched to Pakistan for assistance.

The news regarding the technology program was made public by Mr. Umair Ahmed, the Netherlands Policy Officer on Economic Affairs, at the Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry(MCCI). However, there hasn’t been any more information on the exact nature of the program in question.

During the meeting, Mr. Ahmed stated that the Netherlands is the fourth biggest investor in Pakistan and in the past it has supported projects related to good governance, water, education and the environment. And since 2014, the focus of the European Union and Pakistan’s development relationship has been on rule of law, human rights, rural development, education, and good governance.

At the gathering, MCCI President Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi highlighted the opportunities that Pakistan presents for Dutch companies working in the areas of dairy, chicken and beef processing, energy, and IT. He went on to say that the Netherlands should introduce warehouses in its country to display Pakistani products.

Pakistan and Netherlands business relationship and bilateral trade have been focused primarily on agriculture, textiles, and poultry. Pakistan imports oil and related products, industrial and agricultural machinery, and chemical from the Netherlands. While the Dutch mostly import textiles, woven fabrics, linen and, increasingly, agricultural products from Pakistan.

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