The Top Shows on Netflix; August 2022

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Netflix Shows

Netflix has become so jam-packed with tv shows and series that you can not decide what you should watch. Your friend tells you to watch a show, but when you watch its first episode, you feel you’ve wasted your precious time. Because everyone has their tastes and dislikes, no one can suggest the best show to other people.

So here we have a list of shows on Netflix with their backstories and ratings to help you figure out what you want to see.

Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing is based on a tragic storyline in which an American girl survived a plane crash and was a lone survivor in the Canadian wilderness. She found herself reflecting on her past traumas and fighting an extremely cold environment all by herself and on multiple occasions thought about giving in to the urge to live. The drama series is not essentially an entertaining show but a depiction of the struggles of humans with emotions and genuine physical pain.

The show ended the regime of Virgin River being number one on the top 10 list yesterday. The series is a Netflix production and the limited episode series premiered on 27 July this year.

Virgin River

For 90 days(not straight), Virgin River has been able to get a position on the top 10 list for the most watched shows. The 17-day streak for being the number one was broken when “Keep Breathing” crossed it after being in the second spot for two days. The romantic drama series started in 2019 and a total of 4 seasons have been released till now.

The story is based on a nurse that moved from Los Angeles to a North California town when she got a new job at a clinic on a one-year contract. The introductory meetings of the doctor of the clinic and the new nurse weren’t pleasant, and they start on the wrong foot. But when the nurse finds the kid she assisted to deliver in the laundry basket, her whole life is changed forever.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things have the longest running streak of being on the top 10 charts for the last 71 days. The show is only 7 days away from breaking the 79-day longest streak record of The Squid Game and The Queen’s Gambit. The first season of Stranger Things was released in 2019 and the second and third seasons really got the show recognition.

Stranger Things is a horror fantasy mystery drama that exists in 1980s Indiana. The story revolves around a group of teenage students that find out about supernatural forces and secrets of a government sector. It is an overall enjoyable show and it is generally liked by a younger audience.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

The Most Hated Man On The Internet is a dark and emotional series based on true events. A cybercriminal Hunter Moore created a revengeful pornographic site on which the leaked nudes and videos of girls were being posted. The site’s name was ‘IsAnyoneUp?’ and it was banned after a mother of a victim stepped up and dragged him to court. This series is based on that story and shows how the criminal actually got caught.

The series was just recently released and made its debut on the top 10 charts. The creators aimed to make an educational documentary with an enjoyable script so that the message can be delivered to maximum people. We highly recommend watching this series; it’s only a three-part series(if you are 18+)

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is another horror fantasy thriller on the list that is on the top 10 list for the last 19 days. It is a medium-budget TV series that was released on Netflix as its first-ever appearance. The show has mixed status in terms of reviews. Many people liked the graphics and emotional character-building of the series. But many others thought that it was the same old and sold story and they already had enough of Resident Evils.

The story involves the scenes of 14 years after the apocalypse and the main character is Jade Wesker who has to survive in the infected creature’s world along with her emotional baggage of losing her family. It is a very enjoyable series and we highly recommend watching it if you are up to watching something entertaining. The series grabbed the attention of the Pakistani audience as the famous Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir is a significant part of the show and performed really well for his first Hollywood appearance.