These countries have shut down internet during exams to stop cheating

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June 22, 2018
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The Algerian government has ordered telecom companies to shut down internet access both on smartphones and fixed-line connections to prevent students from cheating in the exam.

The telecom companies have been asked to disconnect the internet to prevent high school students from cheating in the diploma exams. As per a BBC report, the temporary shutdowns will last until the end of the exam season on June 25th. Moreover, Facebook will also be blocked completely during the five days the exams take place. The decision was made taking into view what happened in 2016 when the exam questions were leaked online before the exams took place.

During the exam period, students and school staff have been barred from bringing any devices with internet access into the exam rooms. Additionally, metal detectors have been placed to catch out anyone stuffing a phone or smartwatch into their socks.

The shutdown was confirmed by the Internet Intelligence project by internet company Oracle, which monitors web access across the globe. In other news, Iraq will also implement similar measures for the next two weeks while exams take place in the country.

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