These kids ordered a drone from Daraz only to be scammed

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Customer service and product quality are the 2 essential features for the success of any E-Commerce store. Daraz is again in the limelight after a group of kids were scammed after ordering a drone from the platform. The kids did a complete unboxing video which is now making rounds on social media after they found out that the package contains absolutely nothing.

Below is the unboxing video shared by a user on Twitter:

As per the video, the drone cost them around PKR 6500. Though it seems like a cute unboxing video, it takes a surprising turn when the package has nothing inside which was actually ordered.

Daraz has reached out to the customers in the video and will be compensating them. The responses are given below:

And here is one from Daraz’s official Twitter account too:

One user also commented that Daraz not only reimbursed the money but also replaced the product for free:

Twitter went into a frenzy after the video got viral. It even drew attention of Indus Valley Capital which commented:

This user also describes the product quality of items from Daraz:

This user claims to have ordered 100+ products from Daraz and offers tips for a great experience:

How has your experience from Daraz been so far?

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