This is how you can keep your smartphones cool this summer

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Summers have arrived in Pakistan and over the past few days, an intense heat wave has been measured across the country. With each passing day, the temperature is rising, hinting that dry weather will persist across the country. During such extreme conditions, it is important to keep your devices cool to prevent them from overheating and malfunctioning. Heat is always a threat to phone battery. Research shows that if the temperature is above 40 degrees on a Celsius scale, the battery may lose 15 percent of charge within a year.

Here are some of the ways to protect your smartphones from overheating:

1- Turn off extra background features

Turn off Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS if you do not need these features in a given moment. Even if these are not in active use, they lead overheating the device. Turning them off will ensure your phone is not working in overtime when in a purse or a packet while you are moving out in sun. It will also increase battery life and your smartphone will charge faster.

2- Give your smartphone a little rest

Overuse is one of the leading causes of cellphones overheating. Playing games, takings photos or watching videos make the lithium-ion battery consume more, which produces more energy and generates more heat. When temperatures rise, it only makes matters worse because it adds external heat to the internal heat of the battery.

Therefore, take it easy on your phone when you’re having fun in the sun. Shut down any apps you do not need and limit your use of high-intensity programs such as camera or games. Also, turn down your screen brightness and switch to airplane mode to save power and keep the battery cooler.

3- Ditch the back covers

Those thick back covers which you put on to your smartphone’s back does keep them safe from accidental falls but also heat up your phone a lot. The case attached to the phone’s back traps the heat. Therefore, avoid using back covers which are thick and unbendable. Use silicone covers that are flexible and do not overheat easily.

4- Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid your phone from direct sunlight as it is terrible for your phone. When left exposed to sunlight these devices trap the light and retain heat from the sun. This, in turn, makes your device hotter. Your smartphone may start acting unusual as the heat inches up. The most likely impact will be a fast-dying battery. You may get other alarming signs, too. That could include an actual warning on your smartphone that asks you to cool down your phone.

Do you follow such tips or if you have any other tip in your mind to keep your smartphone cool in summer. Let us know in the comment section.

Written by Aqsa Khunshan
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