iOS 11 secretly keeps your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on when you turn them off

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We recently told you guys about some new features of iOS 11. One of the sneaky features, we missed, like everyone else, was that in the new iOS 11 control center, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controls are not doing exactly what we think they do.

Although, it is expected that when a user turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control center, the radio of both of these devices is closed but it is not happening. Motherboard has reported that Apple, instead of closing down WiFi or Bluetooth, it leaves these running in the background, keeping certain iOS features from disconnecting with some devices. This is quite misleading and can be a security hazard.

Apple might have taken this decision in goodwill to let the users stay connected with the peripheral devices in case of pressing the toggles by mistake but the security risks involved in such a decision are outweighing the benefits.

Now in order to really switch off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you will have to go to the settings menu and switch them off yourself. The whole process is very counter-intuitive but Apple has gone on to make this design scheme on purpose.

The iOS 11 version has come with many improvements in Control Center, Camera Application, App Store overhaul, Type to Siri etc, but this feature indeed was the least expected one.

Written by TechJuice
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