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This online internship program from “Women Engineers Pakistan” and Ananke Magazine offers women international exposure and experience

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Ananke Magazine has partnered with Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP) to launch a one-of-its-kind internship program to economically empower women through digital media, technology and journalism.

A non-profit, online interactive magazine focused on women empowerment, Ananke Magazine, strives to create a difference by not only documenting achievements of women trailblazers, but also highlighting the plight of the female gender. As a part of its plan to collaborate leading entities that are working towards empowering women and girls through training, mentoring and guidance, Ananke has now partnered with WEP, an organization working to promote Science and Technology, along with its many applications within the female population of Pakistan.

Under the umbrella of Ananke Labs, they have now launched an internship program, a join venture offering broad theoretical and practical knowledge designed specifically for selected students, aspiring journalists and media specialists.

It is an exciting time for Ananke. We have successfully completed our pilot internship program, which saw us train brilliant students from Kenya and Australia,” said Executive Editor Ananke, Sabin Muzaffar.

The internship is a global program tailored for women and girls who can dedicate a minimum of two hours daily to online work, are available to attend Skype discussions and/or Webinars weekly, are able to communicate in good English, and lastly are willing to complete strategic assessments that encourage them to perform creatively.

The main goal of the program is to boost and showcase women’s talents, train and mentor them to obtain professional opportunities in their field of study or interest.

Spearheading a strict mission to encourage female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields that enables a better integration within business and education sectors in and outside Pakistan; WEP has joined forces with Ananke to offer a unique and inspirational platform for women and girls to learn the tricks of the trade pertaining to digital media, online journalism as well as social media marketing.

“The Women Engineers Pakistan is always on the lookout for avenues that better prepare our girls to keep pace with the present world,” said Founder, CEO WEP, Ramla Qureshi. “We believe in progress through science and technology, but (a) partnership with Ananke gives us a taste of professional globalism that we seek for our members. The intent is to marry STEM with present-day journalism, social media and other digital portals for women and girls to take on a well-rounded grooming approach.”

Since the program is a global, online initiative, girls from anywhere in the world can apply!

There is a big gender imbalance in the Pakistani workforce and according to The World Economic Forum Gender Gap Survey, out of 142 countries, Pakistan is ranked the second last. Organizations like WEP and Ananke are working endlessly to close this gap and this internship program is a serious attempt at giving women of Pakistan(and other countries) a way to work from the comfort of their homes.

You can head over to Ananke’s official website to find more details about the program.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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