TikToker Gets Arrested For Filming Inside a Police Station

Taken to the Shah Faisal police station over missing vehicle documents, TikToker Raees Jaffar got into more trouble after he decided to film a TikTok with his feet up on the desk

Raees Jaffar, a young TikTok user from Karachi got himself into some deep trouble after filming a TikTok inside the Shah Faisal police station, getting arrested not once, but twice in just a single day, a probability even lower than 1%.

The unlucky day for Jaffar started off when police officials caught him with no ownership documents for his car and took him straight to the Shah Faisal police station in Karachi, where the officials told him to call up his parents and ask them to bring the documents to the police station, Jaffar obviously obliged, but then proceeded to make another grave mistake.

During the time Jaffar was waiting for his parents to bring the documents to the police station, he got the idea to film a TikTok video, well a rather dangerous one, with his feet being on the station’s desk, while he poses on the iconic ‘Sarkar te Sadi Apni Hai’ song.

Giving off a nefarious and a degrading look, the video was soon found and Jaffar who was already having problems with the police had to make an apology video, where he was questioned about his identity and then proceeded to apologize for his actions, saying that he deserves to be given another chance.

This is not the first time a TikToker has been arrested for shooting videos at someplace they are not supposed to, but cases such as these and hundreds others like these should be a lesson for TikTokers or even filmmakers on other platforms to know the limits of their content.


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