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Top 10 Tech Skills to have on Your Resume in 2014

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Mondo is one of the top international IT recruiting firms in the world. The firm publishes a yearly report of top-paying jobs for most of the sought-out categories to give the job-hunters a general idea of the way industry works. For 2014, Mondo’s list of high-paying tech jobs covers a lot of ground ranging from developers to security analysts. We’re reproducing the list here (in an ascending order of average annual salary) to help out our readers in deciding a career path for themselves, or motivate their focus on a technology they are interested in; so, here goes the tech skills to have in your resume …

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10. Data Scientist


Being one of the hottest jobs in the tech industry right now, Data Scientists are recognized as “part analyst, part artist” by Anjul Bhambhri, V.P. at IBM. Data Scientists analyze data and spot trends to help organizations focus on specific products, people or areas.

Data Scientists with interest in “big data” platform and Machine Learning experience are highly-likely to fill the positions with a salary range of $125—$140K per year.

9. Big Data Engineer


Analysis, problem-solving and software engineering skills are among the must-have assets of Big Data Engineers who are responsible for the development of data management, extraction and analysis tools. Moreover, Engineers with an experience with Hadoop, Netezza and Cloudera platforms are among the attractive candidates for positions that pay up to $125K to $145K per annum.

8. Data Architect


The work of Data Architects is closely related to Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists. Architects are usually responsible for planning the enterprise database design solutions and data models, overseeing the development process and maintaining them. Average yearly salary of Data Architects can range from $110K to $150K.

7. Project Manager


Project Management can span a number of key areas, most of them which are already present in this list. PM usually uses his/her communication, problem-solving and analysis skills to lead a team to complete project-based solutions. A Project Manager, on average, can take home around $110K to $150K per year.

6. iOS Developer


With the interest in mobile platforms on the rise and Apple’s iOS being at the forefront of preferred choice of platforms for developers and users alike, experienced iOS developers have a big shot at earning anything between $120K and $150K yearly.

5. Front-end Developer


A front-end developer for multi-platform applications with adequate knowledge and experience of related technologies, especially the JavaScript Libraries (AngularJS, Node.JS, EXT-JS among others) can earn up to $150K per year.

4. Android Developer


For whatever reason—be it the ease of setting-up the development environment or less-stringent regulation for publishing the apps, among others—the numbers of Android developers is on the rise worldwide and, on average, experienced developers are earning as much as $135K to $165K per year.

3. DevOps


DevOps (a short-form compound for Development and Operations) used to be a scarcely-recognized buzzword not too long ago, but it is one of the highly in-demand development approaches right now. Developers familiar and experienced in the area can hope to earn anything between $135—$170K on yearly basis.

2. Security Architect


The need for security architects in all types of technical and technological areas of IT industry is self-evident. Security Architects are usually responsible for designing, maintaining and evolving security solutions for software, networks and enterprise applications. Such a Security Architect can earn up to $150—$175K per annum.

1. Salesforce Architect


Salesforce certified admins, developers and architects are among the most sought-out experts in the tech industry. The responsibilities of such experts range from data, knowledge and project management to providing training solutions and designing perfect business models. Salesforce Architects can earns as much as $180K—$200K yearly.

Landing a decent-paying job in the current economy may seem like a dream but it is not impossible if you have your interests aligned with the market trends, and are good at what you do. IT industry is one of the industries where jobs do not diminish, but evolve with time and keeping up with the new technologies and in-demand trends is a must for whoever wants to advance through the ranks.

Best of luck to all of our readers with their chosen career paths and future endeavors from The AppJuice Team!

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Written by Uzair Ahmed
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