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Top 5 Jobs for IT Professionals in 2013

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The year 2013 saw a rise in IT related jobs. As the world moves towards a life where technology has become more integrated in our lives than ever, it isn’t surprising that there has been a trend towards the top jobs for IT professionals in the job market. We have managed to put together a list of the top 5 jobs for IT Professionals in 2013.

Market Research Analysts

Projected Growth: 10%

Market Research is a field that has grown tremendously. As more and more companies are jumping in the field of innovation, there is a growing need for trained market research analysts who can partake in the research and produce results using modern IT. It is not only important to research and find information, there is also a demand for people who can present using methods which can communicate information effectively and precisely. As a result, this particular profession has seen a rise.

Software Developers

Projected Job Growth: 7%

Whether it is in the hundreds of software houses operating in almost every country or the online freelancing work portals, software developers are still in fashion and very much so. They demand for software developers has only seen a rise: they are needed in startup teams and they form the basis of huge firms that now dominate the IT market. There may have been a change in the abilities that are required of a software developer though: hirers are looking for not only good programming skills but also efficient algorithms, maintainability and innovation. The IT market had a sweet spot for software developers in 2013.

Computer System Analyst

Projected Job Growth: 5%

Big firms and computerized systems now go hand in hand. It is hard to find a huge firm with ancient filing system. As a result, it is only fair that Computer System Analysts have grown popular. With more firms using technology, we don’t see how this trend will go down. Experts who can handle computer systems found god jobs in 2013.

Network Administrator

Projected Growth: 5%

Network Administrators also saw a good job demand in 2013. From schools and colleges to thousand employee firms, the network administrators are needed everywhere and efficient network administrators are therefore very much in demand.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Projected Growth: 4% approx.

Another growing IT field is of research. Apart from research analysts, computer scientists with expertise in computer and information related research also say an increase in the number of jobs available to them. Research, it appears is no longer limited to teaching field only. The companies striving to bring something new to the IT market are doing their best to find out and research. That’s why, 2013 offered good jobs for Research Scientist, even if only in the niche market.

*Above statistical data has been taken from Forbes

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