Top 3 free courses on Deep Learning using Neural networks

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We have recently seen many articles about the recent advancements in AI such as IBM training their software to become a debater and in one other particular case, AI produced realistic photos of food. In most of the cases, the software framework involved behind these advancements is a neural network. In simple terms, a neural network is a software modeled on the basis of human brains and it is framework consisting of various machine learning algorithms which are applied to complex data inputs to conceive a result. Basically, these systems learn by examples and they don’t need any specific instructions to get started.

Based on that, given below are our picks for the best free courses from where you can learn about Neural Networks:

Learn Neural Networks using Matlab | Udemy

This course from Udemy is 2 hours long and gives a general introduction on how you can use Matlab for designing your own Neural networks. Not only will you get a Udemy certificate once you complete the course but also get a Coursovie certificate which is known for its tutorials in engineering.

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Neural Networks and Deep Learning | Coursera

This is a pretty extensive course which will help you learn the foundations of deep learning as well as build, train and apply your own neural networks. It is the first course in the Deep Learning Specialization offered by Coursera so you can understand its importance if you want to become a deep learning engineer. If you are willing to pay, you can also get a certificate for completing the course as well.

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Neural Networks for Machine Learning | Hinton

This course is part of a larger series in Machine Learning tutorials on Coursera. Taught by a professor from the University of Toronto, it consists of 78 videos filled with content about neural networks starting from the complete basics. The entire course content is available on YouTube so you don’t need to sign up anywhere, just simply follow the link given below.

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