Azad Chaiwala Opens A New Institute For Students Aiming To Learn Professional IT Skills

Azad Chaiwala is determined to get to his goal of making Pakistan, a first-world country, and Pakistan’s youth, self-sufficient...

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Aug 13 ·>
Azad Chaiwala

Learn the science of secrets by taking these free courses on cryptography

Cryptography is an emerging field in Information Security and one which particularly interests a lot of people because it...

Jun 27 ·>
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Top 3 free courses on Deep Learning using Neural networks

We have recently seen many articles about the recent advancements in AI such as IBM training their software to...

Jan 14 ·>

Top 3 free courses on software development using Blockchain

Just a few days back, Telenor Bank introduced Pakistan’s first ever mobile wallet remittance technology which uses blockchain. This...

Jan 10 ·>

Top 3 courses on Front-End development using React

React is a fairly popular library based on JavaScript used for building user interfaces. It is currently maintained by...

Jan 7 ·>

Top 3 free courses on Web Development using Django

Some of us would be aware that web development is generally divided into 2 segments: Front-End Development and Back-End...

Jan 6 ·>

5 short courses you can take this summer in Pakistan

Summers should not be all about relaxing and staying at home waiting for the weather to cool down a...

Apr 11 ·>

Top 3 free Blockchain courses to get you started in the cryptocurrency world

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have had their fair share of highs and lows in the tech space with supporting and...

Mar 10 ·>