Top 3 free courses on software development using Blockchain

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Just a few days back, Telenor Bank introduced Pakistan’s first ever mobile wallet remittance technology which uses blockchain. This is just the beginning of the numerous applications that can be developed or improved upon using this tech. From big companies like Microsoft to modern day startups, blockchain developers are required everywhere. Given below are 3 free courses that can help you get started with Blockchain:

Blockchain 101 | Udemy

For those of you who know nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this course will be the best starting point. It will teach you about the fundamentals of blockchain then move on to Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The course will also highlight how Python and Javascript (Solidity) are two key languages in the blockchain segment.

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Blockchain Essentials | IBM

This courses on IBM and Hyperledger relationship to exploit blockchain for your business. You will be given a demo to transfer assets using blockchain whereas then you will use blockchain to transfer your own assets. This course will also highlight the benefits of utilizing IBM technologies for deploying blockchain for your business.

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Blockchain Technology | edX

This course spans over 6 weeks and if you pass all the assignments, you can also get a certificate for $99. You will learn about the CAP Theorem and the Byzantine Generals Problem as well as the challenges with scaling and obstacles to blockchain adoption across the industry and more. There is also section detailing what measure governments throughout the globe take to control and regulate blockchain technology.

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