LUMS partners with Stacks Pakistan to develop courses focused on blockchain technology

As per a recent announcement by the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the institution has partnered with Stacks...

Feb 19 · 48 sec read >

Here is how “Blockchain” technology is revolutionizing the digital landscape of Pakistan

Any cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast nowadays knows that Blockchain technology is the future. I will address the evolution and...

Dec 15 · 3 min read >

The President of Pakistan chaired a meeting on emerging Technologies

The president of Pakistan chaired a meeting for the task force on upcoming technologies like Blockchain, internet of things...

Dec 23 · 1 min read >

HSBC will track $20 Billion in assets using Blockchain starting next year

HSBC, one of the leading international banks in the world, is putting its trust in blockchain to track $20...

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Dec 3 · 54 sec read >

Sindh govt plans to set up AI, Robotics & Blockchain center at IBA Sukkur

In an attempt to boost the trend of AI and robotics in the province the provincial government of Sindh...

Jun 17 · 1 min read >

Pakistan Blockchain Association launches training courses for AI & Blockchain

The Global Blockchain Academy in association with Blockchain Association of Pakistan (PBA) has launched training courses for artificial intelligence...

May 14 · 55 sec read >

These are the 7 best crypto mobile wallets for 2019

Ever since the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto devised the first blockchain, cryptocurrency has permeated our lives to the point of...

Mar 4 · 2 min read >

Top 3 free courses on software development using Blockchain

Just a few days back, Telenor Bank introduced Pakistan’s first ever mobile wallet remittance technology which uses blockchain. This...

Jan 10 · 54 sec read >

Blockchain is a bubble: Co-Founder of Apple

Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak believes, blockchain is a bubble. In an interview with CNBC, he stated that Bitcoin...

Jun 29 · 1 min read >

IBM to give $200,000 award for finding a solution to natural disaster relief

The International Business Machines (IBM) is holding a competition to decide which team will come up with the best...

May 28 · 1 min read >

Ethereum declared top blockchain network, Bitcoin at No. 13 in China’s new index

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently revealed its public blockchain ratings, ranking various blockchain projects like...

May 19 · 50 sec read >

Jack Ma says Bitcoin is a bubble but blockchain is not

Blockchain, the technology that powers transactions of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is being admired by tech billionaires these days,...

May 18 · 1 min read >
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