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Top Companies That Uses AI Chatbots For Their Corporate Growth

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  3 min read >

ChatGPT has become very popular these days as it works on intelligent technology. Instead of working harder, successful people always try to work smart. Incorporating intelligent tools into your business will help boost and save precious time and energy.

Many companies have shifted their ideologies and feel good about bringing new innovative technologies to their business. Many companies are using AI chatbots to obtain their goals.

Chatbots are powered with artificial intelligence, which helps to boost customer happiness, speed up processes, and enhance conversions.


Here we are bringing the top 10 companies that use AI chatGPT for their company’s growth.


Belgium’s biggest e-bike provider, an e-bike company, uses an AI chatbot to answer customers’ queries daily. Previously, they faced many daily questions from customers about different issues.

Bizbike planned to use an AI chatbot to efficiently and reliably respond to customer queries.

The bots from Chatlayer operate with simple templates that can help people in just a few minutes. Businesses can easily customize it according to their requirements. The decision has been a considerable success for Bizbike.

According to the analysis, Bizbike saved more than 40 hours per month after implementing the chatbot while still having interesting discussions with its clients.


At the beginning of 2017, Starbucks introduced AI to its business. The company chatbot made its debut on the official Starbucks Barista app. It works on a message or voice technique which helps customers avoid standing in line for long periods. In addition, the business made it all feasible by using mobile order and payment coupled with digital marketing AI technology.

Using the app, customers can easily place their orders and pay their bills using the app mentioned above.

Moreover, customers also get prizes based on how frequently they use the coffee shop.

The app helps make purchasing easier for clients, particularly those running errands.


Belfius, the Belgium insurance bank, deals with thousands of insurance claims daily. Belfius incorporated AI into their business because they wanted to be able to manage daily tasks efficiently.

Customers of Belfius describe the incidents to the bot, which will help to classify the type of claim involved in each case before transferring it to the human agents. Five full-time agents are required to handle the requests at this rate.

Yellow Class

An Indian educational online platform that offers live and engaging hobby classes for children. The efficient classes attract many new customers willing to learn more about the service.

Yellow Class was in search to manage the queries because of the volume of inquiries. Later, the platform created a WhatsApp chatbot with ChatLayer to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Pretty complex requests are forwarded to human beings.


iFood is an online food delivery service situated in Brazil. It controls nearly 80% of the Brazilian online meal delivery market. Moreover, since Covid-19, its appeal has only grown.

iFood utilized chatLayer’s conversational AI chatbot across the most pertinent message apps. They did this to support their customers for its drivers. Hence, the chatbot assists with the onboarding of new delivery personnel as well as the registration of the latest drivers.

European Commission

The company is utilizing the service to answer travelers’ most common questions. This will help thousands of young European explorers on their journeys.

In the initial phase, the chatbot solved more than 700 questions and handed over approximately 150 questions to a live support agent.


The Foyer is one of the world’s leading insurance and weather management companies. The company faces multiple requests 24/7 in different languages.

The Foyer was in search of an efficient tool to simplify its problem. By adopting an AI chatbot, Foyer can successfully answer 80% of incoming customer requests in 125 different languages.


Spotify’s chatbot permits users to discover and share music in chats directly. In addition, it has other features like search tools, music suggestions, and sharing capabilities with a 30-second song preview. To utilize the chatbot software, a user has to touch the +sign in the text box. Then tap the Spotify icon to launch the bot.

Later, the windows will provide an overlay chat where the selected music for sharing can be located easily.

Whole Foods

Whole foods is an AI program that creates recipes for you. The whole foods chatbot in Facebook messenger offered delicious recipes with nutritional information. In addition, customers also have the option of selecting or searching for a particular recipe.

As a result, a user can post messages on the website in various categories, including appetizers, gluten-free, or the main course.


Sephora adopted chatbot AI to offer customers a wide selection of cosmetic lessons. It provides product reviews and ratings when purchasing cosmetics in stores. Moreover, it is utilized by Facebook and Kik. Both Sephora Visual Artist and Sephora Reservation Assistant are readily available on Facebook.

They both offer makeover appointment scheduling services at Sephora stores. Kik enables emojis, quizzes, reviews, mobile sites, or Sephora site redirects.

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