Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

First launched in the United States, Google generative AI Search will show text and image results or even summaries...

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ChatGPT Suggests 10 Creative Business Ideas That Will Make You Earn $100K

Establishing your own business is not an easy task but once you establish, you will be able to enjoy...

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Aug 7 · >

Instagram Might Soon Start Labeling Posts Generated By AI

Labeling AI generated content on Instagram, the feature will put an end to all fake and misinforming content created...

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Aug 2 · >

Can AI Chatbots Save Meta’s Twitter Clone? :Threads Is Dead

Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is ready to introduce numerous artificial intelligence chatbots that will host different personalities by...

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Aug 2 · >

Top ChatGPT Growth Hacking Tips To Boost The Growth And Efficiency Of Your Startup

In today’s fast moving digital environment, startups constantly try to incorporate advanced and innovative ways to grow and gain...

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Jul 24 · >

Apple is Reportedly Using its AI Chatbot for Internal Work

Made using Apple’s in-house generative AI system ‘Ajax’, the Apple GPT has already been used to make “AI-related improvements”...

Jul 24 · >

Stanford Scientist Proves that ChatGPT is Getting Stupider

Having a prime number problem solving accuracy rate of 97.6% in March 2023, GPT-4 accuracy rate plummeted to a...

Jul 24 · >

ChatGPT’s New Update Will Allow Personalized Interactions

According to details, the new feature will give ChatGPT the ability to remember your preferences and personal details for...

Jul 21 · >

Mark Zuckerberg And Satya Nadella Confirms AI Deal: Partnership Announces On Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft confirm the AI deal on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg and...

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Jul 20 · >

8 ChatGPT Prompts To Write Better Emails

ChatGPT is an intelligent tool created by OpenAI. It can perform complex tasks so easily. Therefore, everyone wants to...

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Jul 19 · >

ChatGPT Enhances Productivity 40% For Writing Tasks [Study]

ChatGPT enhances productivity by 40% for writing tasks ChatGPT has reduced inequality between higher-skilled and lower-skilled employees The forecast...

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Jul 18 · >

Nvidia Is The Only Company That Witness A Massive Growth In Q1

The IC industry is currently facing an economic downturn due to dwindling demand. However, it so forecasted that things...

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