New Spotify Technology Will Convert Radio Broadcasts into Podcasts

This new technology announced by Spotify will help traditional radio broadcasters to convert upload their content as podcasts thus...

Apr 14 · >

Vinyl Records Made More Sales Than CD’s in 2022

According to statistics, this was the first time for vinyl records to outsell CD’s since 1987 As CD’s (Compact...

Mar 14 · >

You Can Now Get a 4 Month Spotify Premium for Free: Here’s How

Spotify is currently offering a free 4-month premium subscription that can be easily availed by both Android and iOS...

Mar 9 · >

Top Companies That Uses AI Chatbots For Their Corporate Growth

ChatGPT has become very popular these days as it works on intelligent technology. Instead of working harder, successful people...

Feb 2 · >

Spotify Cuts Around 6% of its Staff in the Latest Round of Tech Layoffs

Quoting a need of improve efficiency, the Swedish music-streaming giant said that it would lay off around 600 employees...

Jan 24 · >

Twitter’s Elon Problem Might Soon Affect Apple As Well

Reports confirmed that Elon Musk, chief of Tesla, is set to complete his acquisition of mildly popular bird website...

Oct 27 · >

Spotify Embarks on Its First Nationwide Campaign in Pakistan With “Jaisa Mood Waisi Dhun”

Spotify has launched its first nationwide marketing campaign titled “Jaisa Mood Waisi Dhun”. The campaign celebrates the power of...

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Jun 26 · >

Spotify forms special council to tackle harmful content

Spotify on Monday announced it has formed a Safety Advisory Council to provide third-party input on issues such as...

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Jun 14 · >

Spotify Expands Blend with Two New Features – Providing Another Way for Users to Connect Through Music

Earlier this year, Spotify celebrated Valentine’s Day with Blend in the Pakistan market. Blend is a unique feature that...

Apr 28 · >

Spotify celebrates women artists and launches EQUAL Pakistan

In celebration of International Women’s Day and on a continued mission to turn up the volume on Pakistani women...

Mar 21 · >

Spotify Reveals Data On Pakistani Music’s Borderless Reach

Almost a year ago, Spotify – the world’s most popular streaming platform, entered the Pakistani market with a commitment...

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Mar 6 · >

Spotify introduces Pakistani music to the world through Coke Studio

The world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service joins forces with the sound of the nation, Coke Studio Pakistan, to...

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Jan 11 · >