Spotify forms special council to tackle harmful content

Spotify on Monday announced it has formed a Safety Advisory Council to provide third-party input on issues such as...

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Jun 14 ·>

Spotify Expands Blend with Two New Features – Providing Another Way for Users to Connect Through Music

Earlier this year, Spotify celebrated Valentine’s Day with Blend in the Pakistan market. Blend is a unique feature that...

Apr 28 ·>

Spotify celebrates women artists and launches EQUAL Pakistan

In celebration of International Women’s Day and on a continued mission to turn up the volume on Pakistani women...

Mar 21 ·>

Spotify Reveals Data On Pakistani Music’s Borderless Reach

Almost a year ago, Spotify – the world’s most popular streaming platform, entered the Pakistani market with a commitment...

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Mar 6 ·>

Spotify introduces Pakistani music to the world through Coke Studio

The world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service joins forces with the sound of the nation, Coke Studio Pakistan, to...

Jan 11 ·>

Spotify brings its first-ever independent artists ‘Fresh Finds’ program to Pakistan

Today, Spotify is excited to announce a brand new partnership program for independent artists in Pakistan.  Centered around the...

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Aug 23 ·>

Spotify celebrates Independence Day with Pak Sar Zameen

“Dil Dil Pakistan” is perhaps the most widely used lyrical slogan every year on the 14th of August as...

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Aug 11 ·>

How To Start A Spotify Podcast

Podcasts are today’s modern way of getting to know what’s happening in the world or a way to get...

Jun 4 ·>

Spotify Brings About Handy Search Filters To Its App And More

Spotify has recently added some new updates to its mobile application on both iOS and Android. Now when users...

May 22 ·>

Spotify Has Larger Plans For Pakistan

For quite a while now the music scenario in Pakistan has had its ups and downs from local streaming...

May 4 ·>

TechJuice 101 – Guide To Use Spotify And Its Features – Pakistan Edition

For over a few months, the most demanding audio streaming app i.e. Spotify has made its mark in Pakistan....

Apr 28 ·>

Now You Can Download Albums On Spotify Too, Say Goodbye To Those Funny Hacks

In recent news, Spotify has released a handy feature that will allow users to download albums. Although this feature...

Apr 15 ·>