Netflix is rolling out “audio-only” mode for its Android app

Netflix has started rolling out an audio-only mode for its Android app, allowing users to ignore the graphics of...

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Dec 22 · 54 sec read >

Spotify FINALLY launching in Pakistan? Here’s what we know so far

If you were among those who found themselves getting excited and confused in equal measure upon seeing “Spotify” and...

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Nov 16 · 59 sec read >

Netflix, Spotify prices might increase as Google seals loophole that allowed these apps to avoid app tax

Google says that they are enforcing a rule to make all Android applications on their Play Store use the...

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Sep 30 · 57 sec read >

Spotify calls out Apple’s “anti-competitive behavior”

A battle between two of the tech world’s biggest names may well be on the cards. With Apple having...

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Sep 16 · 1 min read >

Spotify plans to allow users to post Stories alongside their playlists

Ever since Snapchat popularized the truly revolutionary concept of sharing ‘stories’ on a social media platform, companies have been...

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Jan 23 · 1 min read >