Toyota Corolla Driven By A New Zealand Man Hits Two Million Kilometre Milestone

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  • Mr Hebley and his Corolla was the first to reach the milestone in March
  • Mr Hebley works as an independent newspaper delivery contractor, driving 5,000km per workweek.

Toyota Corolla owns the original engine and transmission. This time New Zealand has taken the position and created a record of sorts. A man in New Zealand has broken all the records and has set a new record. The car he bough back in 1993-a Toyota Corolla has clocked more than two million approx 20 lakh kilometers. Surprisingly, the car seems very old but still working effeciently.

According to the Herald report, Mr Hebley has been employed as a contractor  for newspaper delivery services since 1960’s. Amazingly, the car had only 80,000 kilometer on the odometer when he bought back in 2000.

Moreover, the 72-year old Graeme Hebley noticed the milestone mark in March and thinks it will continue to  run ‘forever’.

He claimed that he had never seen anything as far as the Corolla has traveled. Moreover, recalling that a car had covered 700,000km was the nearest.

Mr Hebley drives from Wellington to New Plymouth and back almost six days a week.  This implies that the car travels 5,000 kilometer per week. Indeed, it requires a complete maintainance fortnight.

However, the Corolla which has the original engine and transmission, had a service at Guthrie’s auto care in Whanganui. The service take solace after every two weeks for the last twenty two years, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Moreover, I broke down one morning in one of my vans.I rang John Sherman from Guthrie’s and he came out and helped me. However, I have been getting all of my servicing done here since, “Mr Jesey said as per Herald.

Moreover, he also added that i used it to deliver chippies in Tokyo before I got it. The Camblet, which has been replaced 20 times, and the wheel bearings are the only significant modifications made to the vehicle over its two decade journey. Furthermore, according to the outlet, the car is original aside from these components.

Mr Hebley, has taken a good care of the car, which allowed it to reach  the milestone, according to Mr Sherman, who is responsible for routine maintanance of the vehicle.

Mr Sherman attributed the car’s impressive run to the reliability of older Toyota vehicles, frequent service and constant maintanance of the vehicle by Mr Hebley.

Besides, the highest mileage, Mr Sherman had seen on a vehicle prior to this Corolla was somewhere nearly 700,000.

Hebley still makes his long drives across New Zealand’s North Island every week. He says that he has no plans to give up driving any time soon.

Meanwhile, Mr Hebley said he has not get sick of driving yet. The car might outlast me at this point, he further added.

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