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Travelers to Singapore would now wear a monitoring device which would enforce quarantine

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Travelers to Singapore are now obliged to wear an electronic monitoring device. The device will show whether the user complies with the covid-19 quarantine or not. Authority also stated that the city-state is opening its borders for the travelers gradually.

All the incoming travelers will receive the device, including the residents and citizens, from a selected number of countries who will be permitted to stay at home isolated rather than at a state-suggested facility.

Earlier this year, both South Korea and Hong Kong used electronic wristbands to track the whereabouts of their citizens during the COVID-19 lockdown. The travelers to Singapore should activate the allotted device once reaching their destination. The wristband uses Bluetooth and GPS signals for functioning.

If the traveler tried leaving the house during the quarantine days, the device would alarm the authorities almost immediately.

Back in March, the government of Hong Kong advised the incoming passengers to use a slim electronic wristband that looks similar to the patient’s tags. This way, quarantine would be enforced on the passengers. Similarly, South Korea also used wrist band technology that connected the band with the smartphone of the traveler. Local authorities took the action of the quarantine violators immediately.

The device will not store personal data, and also it cannot record video or audio clip said by the authorities in a statement. Children age between 1 and 12 will not wear the device. Singapore government is also planning to provide all residents with a wearable virus-tracing dongle. This way, the quarantine breachers will face severe punishment by the authorities.