Two Brothers Allegedly Kill Cousin for Having More TikTok Followers

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  35 sec read >
TikTok Gujranwala Murder case
Located in Gujranwala, Pakistan, 17 year old Rizwan Aslam was allegedly killed by his two cousins over jealousy of having a higher number of TikTok followers

Gunjranwala police department on Monday arrested two brothers who allegedly killed their 17 year old cousin over jealousy of having a higher number of TikTok followers. The arrests were made by Rasool Nagar police station, which is currently investigating the murder case.

According to the investigations, both Aslam and the suspects were addicted to TikTok and Aslam’s cousins were envious of his growing TikTok followers.

What started the fight however was a PUBG, a popular online battlefield game between the three. It was during this online game that Aslam swore at the two brothers and things turned into a fight.

With the brothers already angry at Aslam’s increasing followers, they allegedly decided to take revenge. The brothers then called Aslam to a guest house where they murdered him.


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